Egyptian pyramids …

Nowadays, the mystery has not been solved and the buildings that are challenging the limits of the mind as much as they are gigantic that we encounter with new mysteries every day …

There is no need to tell you about the well-known mysteries of the pyramids, I’m sure you’ve heard it hundreds of times!

However, the two recent discoveries are truly astonishing …

A group of researchers were trying new devices in the inner chambers of the Giza Pyramid …

An international research group wanted to apply the theoretical physics method to measure the response of the Great pyramid to electromagnetic waves.

In the study carried out under resonance conditions, electromagnetic energy was detected in one of the three rooms completely and at the floor astonishingly.

This scientific research aroused great repercussions after its publication in the famous science journal “Applied Physics”.

They continued to work at regular intervals with permission from the Egyptian government and discovered new rooms inside the Giza pyramid.

These rooms were at a level lower than the surface …

There were three chambers that were discovered, and in one of these chambers, nanoparticles were heavily detected.

Particles in nano-size can be formed in nature by the formation of various minerals such as carbon or silver.

Of course, we should not forget the cosmological, geopolitical and meteorological reasons for the formation of nanoparticles!

However, in the first room discovered, there was nothing to require a nanoparticle!

More interestingly, it emerged with the discovery of other rooms.

Because in the third room, electromagnetic energy was detected in the measurement made with new sensors.

An electromagnetic energy that is not free in a room!

What was holding this energy there? How was it not dispersed?

By bringing another perspective to this question, scientists say electromagnetic energy can be produced at deeper levels!

Of course according to them natural ways …

Mikhail Balezin, who made this great discovery in the Giza pyramid, said that they conducted a multi-pole analysis with the university in Petesburg in Russia and his colleagues in Zentrum Hannover in Germany and that such an electromagnetic power would not be possible for many years.

There is something else they say!

This electromagnetic energy is in communication with the Giza pyramid!

So you know they communicate between them… Maybe for centuries!

Naturally, human thinks! I wonder if the Giza pyramid needs electromagnetic energy to keep things updated?

Or does the Giza pyramid generate signals to locate someone, somewhere, just like the locating devices we use today? 1

Although scientists say “sensational and incredible information” for the discovery of this electromagnetic energy, which coincides with the center and base of the pyramid of Giza, for many years, in fact, there were people who said that the pyramids were not a grave but an energy generator.

Now, this claim, which has been accepted as a conspiracy theory in the past years, has been somewhat confirmed!

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