Maurice Ward Who is the man who found non-combustible matter?

Maurice Ward was one of the important inventors. As a result of long studies, he produced a heat-protective product. 

He produced it to produce, but he did not want to directly sell the materials he used because he thought it had reverse engineering potential, and he never allowed uncontrolled research. 

His approach drew reaction. 

He argued that because he thought the material was worth billions, Starlite should retain 51 of its formula; this is believed to hinder its commercial success. 

Starlite was a product produced with an internationally accepted technology. It was considered almost revolutionary in the world of space and materials science. 

According to some claims, after the famous inventor Maurice Ward died, the company named Thermashield LLC bought the top secret formula from Eileen, the widow of the famous inventor in 2013. 

Maurice Ward worked as a hairdresser in the 1960s and was proud of his work. “What L’Oreal and Garnier are doing today, I was doing 50 years ago,” he once said in an interview. 

And they still don’t get it right ”he said. He was a mechanic and liked to invent things in his spare time. This hobby caused a purchase love, and he actually owed his inventor to it. 

It was this purchase that led to the invention of the Starlite material. This invention was inspired by the Manchester plane fire in 1985, when 55 people on board died within 40 seconds from inhaling toxic fumes. ICI invented material after requesting a material for Citroën

The material Ward extruded was a failure, and until the aforementioned air crash, Maurice Ward was granulated and forgotten to the point where he was inspired. 

Maurice Ward said, “It was an air disaster on the ground and it caught my attention because it was smoke and toxicity that killed people, not fire. Fifty-five people died in 40 seconds. We thought we wanted to find something that didn’t burn, ”he said. Maurice Ward said in an interview, ‘It doesn’t burn too much, that would be helpful. “said. 

He began mixing different formulations of heat-resistant, non-toxic plastics, which he casually called “Gubbins”. He was very prolific in this regard and mixed 20 formulations a day. 

Finally, he produced a formulation that looked promising and used the extruder he bought years ago to turn it into sheets. 

He tested it with a welding machine and it dissipated the heat perfectly. This is the material known as starlite. 

This invention attracted great attention after it was shown on the British television series Tomorrow’s World in the 1990s, as it housed a welding machine directly into an egg coated with Starlite. 

After five minutes in direct contact with the flame, the egg cracked open, revealing a completely raw egg inside. The invention worked so well that he didn’t even start cooking eggs. 

Ward repeated the show several times on YouTube. Ward died in May 2011 at the age of 78.

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