World; a tiny point in the galaxy system where it exists. This little point is precious to us, incomprehensible, mysterious and as advanced as it may be for other life forms we think to exist in the universe, in other words advanced civilizations.

Imagine that, as a result of an accident, you open your eyes on any planet in any galaxy in the universe. You want to return to Earth, but it will be a problem to return home in this unimaginable vast void.

In order to find our Earth’s place in the universe, we need to know nearby planets, planets in the solar system, our galaxy and other galaxies close to our galaxy.


The Milky Way Galaxy (Milkway Galaxy) is shaped like a spiral galaxy. There are billions of stars and clusters of gas, known as a spiral galaxy, visible from one end to the other, like a white cloud. The closest galaxy to our galaxy is the Andromeda Galaxy, the famous galaxy that is said to collide with our galaxy after 4 billion.

Next to it is Galaxy M87 and the largest known galaxy IC 1001 in the universe. Of course, these are among the known galaxies. Okay, we set our compass, we have the map, but how do we return with what.

Yes, now we come to the real issue, let’s imagine that a preparation is being made for a RADIATION EXPERIMENT and you have participated voluntarily.

You will be teleported from Earth to Mars to a newly established US, where there are human colonies waiting to welcome you, we think the Mars project is happening.

But there is a huge mistake and you are teleporting to a completely different planet in a completely different galaxy and you look at a smart and developed life form right in front of you, you realize that this is not Mars, but there is nothing to do anymore. .

He wants you to tell you where your planet is in the universe. The map is clear.


Okay, let’s add a little more excitement to the scenario. Maybe they have a digital map in the universe because they are so advanced, but we need to find our galaxy first, right?

Meanwhile, we finally find the giant galaxy, then the Andromeda Galaxy, and then our Milky Way Galaxy, but wait a minute, these creatures that I said I want to go to my planet ask me if they want to help me or invade a habitable planet? Will I give them the address now or should I continue my life on this alien planet?

Let’s see what you guys think. Are advanced breeds a danger to us?

Is there an invasion plan in front of us, or is it with open arms for help, which will be beneficial to development and maybe a big step for our Enlightenment?

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