How can we manage our emotions?

When the little girl met the feeling she described as the concept of evil in the future, she was interrogating the surroundings, wrapped around her mother’s skirt at the age of five, and creating mental games for herself. He recalled a child he assumed to be his age staring at him with a disgusting facial expression and sticking out a tongue.

     He had a feeling in the timeline that differentiated that moment from its other dimensions. The sensory receptors, which he always witnessed in concrete perception, started for the first time at a point where he could not make sense of pain and spread to all the cells in his body. He was puzzled. Accompanied by his increasing curiosity, he was confronted with the fact that the unwarranted deficiency, which he felt himself in the face of this attitude, which he himself felt for a long time, could contain differences with the flow of turning into guilt, and that he could undress to the selfishness of ruling rather than reflecting his feelings on other living things.

 What a reality it was that when it was presented to his body he was unable to accept it. However, he was able to keep the judgments he could refuse in his own world at the bottom. This feeling, which he regarded as betrayal of his ideas, prevented him from staying for a while. But realizing that he could think in the process when he imagined his loss made him feel like a smart creature. This intuition was set to heal by alleviating his pain. However, it was strange that the motivated feelings went without a reason that he thought that there must be the power to contain only one emotion. He had the opinion of surprising himself. He thought that if his goodness only captured him within the solutions, he could be abstracted in the actors he might encounter in his life, instead of living the horror of dealing forever with the disbelief created by the unreasonable evil that the soul’s restlessness.

While the effect created by the versatility of evil caused undermining in a mini’s perspective, it created an anology in the perception of sexism and imposed the form of preconception on the subconscious.

With his primitive mind, genius can be imagined as tiny, good and bad in simple reduction, while the conspiracy theorists who are always evolving presented with discrimination of religion, language, race, nationality, effective origin and social position, how could we stabilize the uncertainty of complications created in the notion of good and evil. For what could serve other than the purpose of variation in the meanings of husb and kubh, while the chaos playing the obedient role in anarchy strengthened the state of indecency created by the lovers.

 In conclusion, the priestess of the past is that while emotions reflect reality in primitiveness, mental phenomena occur in development. You must be captive to your conscience that dominates your will so that you can be cleansed of your ignorance by embracing the right way with knowledge.

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