Greetings to all, from ancient times to the present day, mankind has tried to explain the countless miraculous things that exist on our planet. Moreover, many of them have become scientifically accepted topics.

Of course, besides all these, there are still interesting things that continue to remain mysterious.

Here in this article we wanted to present you some of them!


An interesting event happened in the 1930s. A man has appeared claiming to be an American Psychic. This man was a person named Edgar Cayce… He had very strange characteristics and claimed that he could go to many places by being in a trance and could get the information in the minds of many people.

Many trials were made with him and it was understood that he was telling the truth as a result of the trials. Edgar Cayce was astral traveling and made an important claim. American scientists have been searching for the traces of the lost city of Atlantis for years and have done research for years, but many studies were inconclusive.

Psychic Edgar Cayce was saying that I found the city of Atlantis near Bimini on his Astral journey, check it and you will find the ruins, and he insisted that the information was correct and said that he went there astrally.

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Edgar Cayce, who listed his prophecies while asleep, could not remember the prophecies he had made, so his aides were taking note of them. Born in Kentucky on March 18, 1877, and died in Virginia Beach on January 3, 1945, the prophecies of Edgar Cayce ranged from the Pyramids of Egypt to the Third World War.

Edgar Cayce was a healer and a prophet… He was speaking his prophecies in a sleep-like trance. He was nicknamed the ‘sleeping seer’ for this.

He said that the Egyptian Pyramids were built by the Atlanteans not in 3500 BC, but in 10500 BC, which is much earlier.

He mentioned that they wanted to move the records that immigrants brought with them to Atlantis, apart from Egypt, but that the records were in the pyramids as a result of a final decision.

Almost 80 percent of the trans people she has done are about Atlantis and Atlantis said she has not yet risen above the waters.


When Atlantis said that he was near Bimini and asked him to give more detailed information again, Edgar Cayce made astral travel again and rescanned the region and provided more detailed information. Some people dived, but could not make a wide search in the conditions of that day, so they returned empty-handed.

Approximately 30 years later, while diving in the area, a person named Manson Valentine came across remains at the bottom of the sea, lined up neatly for 700 meters, similar to today’s paving stones.

In September 1968, an important discovery was made with Valentin’s work in the northern part of the area called Bimini, in the area called Paradise Point.

When scientists researched the area with the help of divers, stone blocks stretching for 700 meters were found, which were placed very neatly and neatly at the bottom of the sea, just as Edgar Cayce said.

This discovery shocked everyone because Edgar Cayce was right. He pointed to the region exactly 30 years ago, but, as is the case today, these are conspiracy theories, those who say these are empty claims were justified by lies …

After that day, the location of these stone blocks, which are claimed to be the remains of Atlantis, was named “Bimini Road”.

Today, many people continue to have ideas about how this event, which cannot be fully explained, was made, while some call these remains the trace of lost civilization, others call the deepening of the naturally formed sea floor.

However, when scientists examined the stone blocks, they did not find traces similar to the blocks on the Bimini Road that were formed by natural ways in any accessible region in the world.

Moreover, these stone blocks on the Bimini road were almost similar to the paving stones of today and naturally it was not possible for such a regular stone cluster to form.

This was regarded as proof of the talent of Edgar Cayce, an enigmatic personality, and the fact that the stone blocks on the seabed belonged to another civilization, if not Atlantis.

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