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Russian leader Putin has always preferred to play the role of balancer in the Azerbaijan – Armenia conflict. 

The attitude of Russia and Putin actually differed slightly from the beginning of the conflict. 

In front of the curtain, Putin did not openly support Armenia and even more so, he said that this conflict is not in Armenian territory, Azerbaijan is right. 

But the apparent village did not want a guide, and it was clear that Russia was acting consciously, taking into account its own policies and interests. 


Azerbaijan in an interview with because the press is more than justified, Karabakh is not Armenia’s territory there says he got what business, the opposite would fall with Turkey, some fundamental differences, though it was expressed would not harm relations with Turkey. 

For example, in accordance with the Collective Defense Agreement, if there was an attack on Armenia, Russia had the right to intervene, Armenian leader Pashinyan also said to intervene with Putin, but Putin dismissed it by saying that it is not your own land, we will not interfere, and this was reflected in the press. 

At the same time, he did not make a sound against the invasion and provocations of Armenia that had been going on for 28 years. 

Azerbaijan and Turkey by beating blade bone for Assisted ago began operations in remains silent, a time after the ceasefire began. 

In fact, he knew that the salivating Armenian leader Pashinyan would not stop and would get angry, but he still called for a ceasefire because he pursued a balance policy. 

No one knows that Putin does not like the Armenian leader Pashinyan at all, we have explained the reason for this in our previous videos. 

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Putin does not like Pashinyan

In addition to being a western lover, Pashinyan signed an economic cooperation agreement with the US and the European Union, and had careless attitudes towards Russia, which angered Putin in his time. 

Apart from the Russian deep state donating arms to Armenia, there are many claims that Putin was made to teach him a lesson because of his openly distancing from the Armenian leader and actually approaching the west. 

Putin wanted Pashinyan to rub his nose…. 

Yes, Russia was providing military support to Armenia, but it was obvious that Azerbaijan destroyed the Armenian armies with an overwhelming force. 

Russia’s persistent ceasefire is an obvious fact that it is to gain time for the Armenian army to regroup. 

Turkey and Azerbaijan are two states, one nation … that has two state leaders also expressed in any condition brings. 

It is important for Turkey and Azerbaijan because Azerbaijan is a bridge reaching the Turkish world and be so strong, be strong Turkey means the world and Turkey’s bonds. 

Turkey’s links with the Turkish world means, is strong in the hands of the Caucasian front, it means the consolidation of links and activities in Central Asia. 

So this situation bothers Europe and Russia. 

Both sides in Turkey’s active and do not want to be so strong as ever since the era of Soviet Russia in this region is active … 

Pandemic process begins when the new President Erdogan, “Turkey will be very different from this pandemic and powerful Turkey,” which in fact is not an ordinary word. 

Everything was planned and prepared … 

Clearly Russia wants to balance Azerbaijan with Armenia … 

For this reason, the Karabakh problem should always be kept fresh, so that Azerbaijan has a material in the hand to be distracted. 

They did this to us for years, first we dealt with the Armenian Asala organization, then they pestered the PKK for years … 

In order not to raise our heads … 

Because the more the problems continued, the more instability would prevail, and it happened … 

Russia has always wanted to be allies against Turkey but not literally. 

For example, the separatist terrorist organization PYD in Syria and Iraq to Turkey has overtaken the United States continued to support despite bluntly. 

We experienced the same in Libya. 

Haft weapons and ammunition to forces across the assistance that Turkey did, but he never entered the tension with Turkey. 

Likewise, Russia gave the right to Greece in the Cyprus issue. 

However, it was never possible to hear these support formally from Putin’s mouth … 

They were events that developed in line with the decisions of Russian foreign affairs. 

Well, what do you think should be the name of this attitude of Russia?

We leave it to you in the comments… 

However, despite all this, it is impossible not to join the friends who say that the friendship of Russia is more effusive due to America’s friendship. 

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