Hello everyone, we still continue to witness mysterious events today. Long researches made using the developing technology helped to reveal the reasons behind some events. mysterious

However, there are still quite a few interesting events that remain a mystery today.

Some of these happened within the last century and some thousands of years ago. mysterious

Let’s take a look at 5 of these mysterious events that cannot be explained in this video;

The Dancing Plague of 1518 - Album on Imgur


July 1518. Strasburg. Miss Troffea started dancing and did not stop dancing. Another 34 people danced with him a week later. mysterious

After a month, the total number of dancers reached several hundred. They danced non-stop and 400 people died of fatigue, heart attack or stroke. mysterious

There is no satisfactory scientific explanation for this phenomenon. None of the theories explain the incredible stamina required to dance a few days non-stop. mysterious


Is it safe to assume that time-travel will never exist because nobody has  come back from the future to give us the technology? - Quora

In 2003, the FBI arrested a man accused of stock market fraud. It  earned $ 350 million from  126 risky deals  with just  $ 800 . mysterious

Andrew said he learned from the future after his arrest   . He allegedly arrived in a time machine from the year 2256. 

But something strange happened, an unnamed businessman paid him a $ 1 million bond as redemption money to escape detention, and Andrew Carlssin and the man who paid the money disappeared forever. mysterious


Uyuyan Kahin Edgar Cayce'nin Kehanetleri

In the 1930s, the American psychic Edgar Cayce claimed in 1968 or 1969 that the remains of the lost city of Atlantis would be found in Bimini.

In September 1968, 700 meters of properly placed limestone blocks were  found in the  sea ​​near Paradise Point ,  north of  Bimini . The blockchain is now called the “Bimini Road”. mysterious

Some consider these to be the remains of the famous civilization. However, some people believe it is the result of deepening of the sea floor.


Atlantis Tarzı Efsanelerin Bazıları Gerçekten Yaşandı | Arkeofili

Terraced formations were found near the island of Yonaguni (Japan) by divers in 1986. Submarine formations exist in large clusters up to 5 floors high. Artifacts proving the existence of people were found in these places. 

Research has shown that these remains date back thousands of years. Human history should have been rewritten, but the whole world turned a blind eye to this event. Despite this fact, scientists still argue about the origin of the pyramids. 

Assuming that these formations were man-made, it  is possible to say that they were large human populations belonging to pre-glacial civilizations. And even in the Qur’an, the verse “I have created and destroyed many tribes superior to you before you” is also found in the Quran.

5. Earthquake lights


Mexico City earthquake sets off mysterious bright lights | Metro News

The bright lights accompanying earthquakes  are considered one of the most mysterious events. Since 1600, there have been 165 proven cases of flare in the sky during seismic activity. But the chance of seeing the light is low and has said that all earthquakes only rises in the sky like a great light mass experienced a similar incident in the Golcuk earthquake in Turkey in görebilirsiniz.hat lights at 0.5% from where many eyewitnesses to the sun.

Many theories have been created to explain the phenomenon, but none come close to the truth.

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