Phenomenology of Thought

We take up as much space as our thoughts in the universe, we are just what we think. We must continue to exist with a perspective that can change every thought when necessary, on the other hand, reach awareness …

We must taste the point of view that there is no judgment and continue what it has given us in a taste of freedom. We have to present our perception, transformed by external factors, with our freedom as a whole. More importantly, we must have a privilege to analyze our existing thought DNA. We should know that “starting life again with a free spiral of thought” Are you a femomenologist?

Tansiyon problemine neden olabilecek düşünce kalıpları


No, but the fact that you are aware of your existence is more concrete than Plato’s realm of “things”. “Now you make a choice starting from where you are, and with that choice you also determine who you will be,” says Sartre.

Your psychological structure, past experiences and environmental factors form your emotion base with the electrical waves that your five sensory organs send to your brain. And the feeling that constitutes every choice you make at the starting point, and with it, is the most important to know how free the thought created by emotion is… Wars and moral degradation can cause societies to abandon their accepted norms completely.

This is because they think that existing norms are bringing them these disasters. The biggest reason for the holistic renunciation here is that the whole is damaged. This wholeness proceeds with the same orientation in individuality. Descartes said, “I think, therefore I am. It has opened a big parenthesis that being able to think by saying “is the zero point of our existence. Although Kierkegaard says that existence precedes thought, our main point will be the size of thought.

So how do we form thoughts that belong to our untouched essence? It is necessary to get rid of distractions, habits, cliché thoughts, preconceptions and common ideas that confuse your view. To get rid of all this, we need an objective point of view to our core.

Being able to change our thinking system will be the greatest good we can do for ourselves. This change is undeniably right in front of us, even in our minds. Franz Brentano says that our minds are always oriented towards objects. “Our thoughts without exception either contain or relate to something,” writes Brentano.

Something is loved in love, something is hated in hate. What we call thought is a river, it constantly flows and when it flows, it adds something to itself from every place it passes, and these mixtures form the essence of the river. This core is the moving core that is constantly in flux. Before the river adds anything to its core, it just flows. This flow continues until the river dries, and when the river dries, it mixes with the soil with everything in it. This essence is formed at the moment you are born and continues to flow continuously until the last oxygen. Man is like a river.

The essence, which has an intentionality, constantly adds something to itself in this flow and we call it thought. The intentionality of thought comes into contact with emotions before it, and the interaction here leads us to thoughts and behaviors arise. We say “I get excited when I think I have bought something new”, but if we had not experienced this feeling or a similar feeling from our environment before, it would be impossible to think about it and feel it. Emotion contact is a factor in the flow that is beyond our control.

So, in order to change our thinking system, there must be a gap between the theme of emotion and thought. This void is similar to that moment in the near future of a collision. Collision is inevitable, but it will happen after a collision and your behavior is controlled. Everything we call uncontrolled behavior is actually a product of control. We can call this “the secret feeding of behavior”. The triangle of emotion, thought and behavior create a spatial depth in itself. The moment between emotion and thought is our dark spot that forms the basis of our behavior.

Locke sees thinking as the soul turning on itself and learning about its own operations. In the common environment, people say that instead of doing this, they organize their lives by turning to other people’s expectations and thoughts about us. This organization dulls your ability to generate your own thoughts. In order to change our thought system, we need to do a purified inquiry.

You need to concentrate on the underlying root cause of all this productivity that creates your life, such as the activities you enjoy doing, your goals, your dreams. The person who always thinks about getting rich focuses on what they will get after they get rich. To understand why we always think of getting rich, we need to take a journey to our emotions that brought us to this point.

I think we can understand this better by putting it in front of us through two similar experiences. Take two individuals who have had financial difficulties in the past. While one of the individuals constantly thinks about getting rich, the other one thinks of being healthy all the time. The main circle forming both thoughts here is the pressure exerted by the close sociological structure on emotions.

Since the value and respect given to people in the close relatives of an individual who thinks of being rich is based on materiality, the emotional pressure of this individual is the reason why he turns to the idea of ​​wealth. We can see that the opinion of the other individual is different due to the lack of materiality in the basis of the measurement system that provides the conditions for being a “valuable person” in his immediate sociological environment.

We believe that the thoughts created by the suppression of external factors belong to ourselves that we cannot recognize the gap between this feeling and thought system and enter here. He couldn’t be happy even though he realized his thoughts and said, “Was it for this so much effort? “The people who still continue to feel a huge emptiness inside, fall into thoughts that do not belong to their essence and waste their whole life in pursuit of this. Today, the most important thing we need to do is to evaluate the issues we think about the most, as in this sample.

And you can take the first step for your self-thoughts by looking into that dark space between emotion and thought through this window of higher awareness.

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