Although I have studied economics and worked in the financial markets for years, I cannot keep my predictions about the market price of gold. If we look at the economic theory, if the supply of a good is constantly increasing, the price of that good must fall. Since gold is not a mine that is destroyed in nature by consumption or corrosion, its supply is constantly increasing. However, as the demand for gold increases in parallel with the supply, even more from time to time, the price of gold never enters a downward trend.

People have been passionate about gold, which is a yellow, shiny and soft metal, since ancient times. However, gold does not have much of a function that facilitates human life like other mines. You can neither make a sword nor use it in construction. The most important factor to explain why it is so valuable is its rarity. However, compared to other rare metals, gold has a much greater meaning to man: gold has been a valid medium of exchange for centuries.

Regardless of their economic situation, every person does not hesitate to trade their assets for a piece of gold. While many currencies are losing their value today, gold manages to maintain its dignity in some way. The economic crisis broke out in Germany, which was defeated by the First World War, and the purchasing power of the Deutsche Mark rapidly declined. In that era, it was necessary to go to the bakery with a bag of money to buy bread. Some even started covering their walls with the Deutsche Mark. Even at that time, people could kill each other for a gram of gold.

We all recognize the value and purchasing power of gold, as if we had a collusion between us, and we do not object to this. We hope that the gold we have accumulated under this “collusion” will save us from the most difficult situations. This hidden power of gold increases its value especially in times of crisis; because people demand gold, which they are sure “somehow” will preserve its value when difficult situations approach.

Alchemists have tried to produce gold from other materials for a period in history, but failed. Because, unlike other substances, gold does not belong to this world. Scientific research shows that gold emerged as a result of neutron star collisions in the universe and was born with meteorites. Well, since gold is an alien mine, could there be other creatures trying to have it other than us?

According to the legends in the Sumerian tablets, the people of the planet Niburi, whose climate balance has been disrupted as a result of the disaster, needs gold in order to continue their lives and make the atmosphere livable again. In their research, they discover that there are rich gold resources in planets between the asteroid belt and the sun. They enslave the primitive creatures living on one of these planets to extract gold for themselves. As you can imagine, this planet is Earth.

Who knows, maybe in the most difficult situation, that is, when the world comes to an end, we are saving the gold that is precious to them so that the people living on Niburi can save us. Perhaps this myth lies behind the inexplicable value of gold.

Scientists search for planets with water to find possible life forms in the universe. My advice to them is to first look at the planets with gold ..

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