BE AWARE IN MEVLANA TOMB! Why was the language of the little girl descending into the grave stuck?

In the first part, we told the mysterious story of Selahattin Zerküb, who was seen in the tomb of Mevlana years ago and disappeared by entering the burial chamber. 

He gave the order immediately and set off to Konya… He reached the tomb of Mevlana, said he wanted to go down to the burial chamber, but the Mevlevi dervishes objected by telling the incident and saying that it would be very inconvenient. 

I want that rosary! If you don’t bring the Rosary to me until tomorrow, I’ll take all of you off! 

The dervishes broodly wondered what to do, and informed the Sultan’s future the next morning, but the dervishes had found a solution. Finally, the Sultan came and asked the rosary. 

The dervishes, on the other hand, frightened, said that no sinful servant could enter the burial chamber, but a sinless one. 

The dervishes had said that they would take down a girl who had not reached the age of majority yet because she was not of the age of majority she was sinless … This situation was also in the mind of the Sultan … They took the girl down … The grave room was almost pitch black … 

Before descending, the Sultan had warned firmly… When you got down, look around and tell me everything you saw. The little girl went down the ladder, and one of the dervishes asked if she reached the ground safely. 

The little girl called out … But then there was a scream… The little girl screamed… Her father, who was there, hurriedly, but the dervishes did not let her come off, everyone was looking down but neither the girl was seen nor anything else … 

One of the dervishes informed me that he saw it there and realized that the girl was trying to come up … The boy reached the top safely … 

But there were oddities… First, there was no rosary in his hand… So the Sultan’s rosary was below… Who knows, maybe the 4th Murat’s rosary is still standing in the grave room… The second problem is that the girl was trembling incredibly… They asked what it was, what she saw, but never. He did not answer… He called before the Sultan…

A while had passed, the trembling of the girl was gone… But this time, another problem arose… The girl was tongue-tied… She could not speak… Whatever they did, she did not speak… 

Fear was read in their eyes… In the following days, they took it to many people, teachers, but in vain… He was never spoken and could not tell what he saw below… 

It is rumored that he suddenly passed away 3 years later… What the little girl saw below is still unknown today…. According to one claim, because the room was too dark, the boy was very scared and tongue-tied from his trauma.  

However, there is another claim that it further darkened the ‘secret of the burial chamber’. Seljuk Turks knew the mummification technique at that time. The bodies of 7 sultans, including Fatih Sultan Mehmet, were mummified. Because Mevlana’s body was also mummified, it probably looked like that.

The girl could have become like this when she saw Mevlana lying there. This event set the prominent MevlevIs into action and in 1640 the mouth of the burial chamber was made of brick and covered with lead. After that date, the bullet from the mouth of the burial chamber was never removed.

The burial chamber was silenced with its secrets, perhaps forever. But the story of the room doesn’t end there. 300 years later, there would be a series of events similar to the pyramid secrets in Egypt. There were two witnesses to this incident.

One of them is Yusuf Akyurt, who experienced the incident, and the other is Abdülbaki Gölpınarlı Hodja, who told Murat Bardakçı about his experience. On a beautiful day in the 1930s, the director of the Mevlana Museum, Yusuf Akyurt, sitting alone in his room, thought of the burial chamber under the sarcophagus. He says, ‘I wonder if I walk into this room once and see what is in it.’

However, he is unstable because he thinks he will react. At that moment, the door knocks and the old chamberman of the museum enters. This old man is actually a Mevlevi grandfather. Since the dervish lodges and lodges were closed after the proclamation of the Republic, he accepted to work as a chamberman in the tomb, which was turned into a museum. The old Mevlevi grandfather reverently enters and says the following sentence that made Yusuf Akyurt goose bumps:

‘Don’t think of getting down there …’

However, this confusion does not deter the director from his decision. He comes in front of the lead covered cover to go down to the grave. Removes the carpet. Just as he was about to open the door, a man walks in shouting:

‘Manager, come on, your house is on fire …’

Until Yusuf Akyurt came, his house was destroyed. At that moment, a telegram is handed over. The museum director has been appointed elsewhere. What happened to the principal does not end with this. While traveling on the Kkk Konya Ankara road, when the truck they were on entered a curve on the road and the door suddenly opened, the museum director’s son jumped out of the vehicle and died on the spot.

According to some, the secret of the burial chamber still follows Yusuf Akyurt. Yusuf Akyurt takes the body of his son and returns to Konya. After the funeral, he goes straight to the Mevlana Museum and opens his hands at the top of the sarcophagus and begins to scream:

‘Not enough? Forgive now … ‘

After 5 years, Mustafa Akyurt, the nephew of Yusuf Akyurt, was appointed to Konya due to his office. One night, he saw Mevlana in his dream and told him to come to visit the tomb, dig the bottom of the window of the printing house overlooking the garden, and what he would find here was a gift to his uncle Yusu, and not hesitate while digging the garden. 

About 2 days after this dream, Mustafa Akyurt went to visit the mausoleum, and when he arrived at the place called by the mausoleum, he saw that his Mevlevi grandfathers had gathered there, and while thinking of giving up his decision, the Mevlevi grandfathers gave him a small shovel and stepped aside. He finds a ring with the seal of the Mevlana on it. The ring is examined by many antique dealers and it is understood that it belongs to Mevlana. 

As Mevlana was remembered by many secret events during his lifetime, secret events continued to happen after his life. 

Who really was the dervish who disappeared in the burial chamber as we described in the first chapter? How did he disappear?

What did the little girl see below? His tongue was stuck because of his fear, but the real question was what scared him?

How did the old chamberman know about a thought the museum director had on his mind?

How did the manager’s house burn when he intended to enter the burial chamber? How could such a coincidence happen?

How did the ring, which was gifted to him in Rüya, come out in the place described in the dream?

Moreover, he dreamed that he was going to dig there, but how did the Mevlevi dervishes know and were present there?

Of course, these questions have no answers at the moment and the burial chamber has been under a lead plate for 748 years … 

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