The whole Galaxy is pulling towards the unknown! Dark Flow Theory in 5 Matter!

Our big house where we live in the galaxy …


According to scientists, the observable universe is an estimated 90 billion light years in size…. But draw your attention, we are only talking about the observable universe, and there is no information about the size of the universe that has not yet been observed! 

However, despite this, many scientists agree that the observable universe is an estimated 250 times larger than the unobserved universe. The places where stars, planets, dust and gas clouds cluster in space are called galaxies.  

The galaxy in which our Earth is located is called the Milky Way… Scientists were doing research on distant galaxies in 2008… At the head of the research, there was an important name who is famous around the world and whose words on these matters were trusted. Alexander Kashlinsky…. 

Milky Way to SLAM into another galaxy WAY sooner than expected | Science |  News |


Observing the movements of distant galaxies, the scientist and his team discovered something interesting… Regardless of the direction the galaxies should take action, they were always moving in one direction and they were doing it by force… 

Like the flow of a river, they were constantly being pushed in one direction…   According to the dark flow theory , another universe outside the observable universe attracts the galaxies in our universe with its enormous mass.

As a result, the collective divergence of galaxies from each other as a result of the expansion of the universe is a symmetrical movement and the total velocity of the galaxies must reset each other across the universe. Scientists measure the movement of galaxies with Sunyaev-Zeldovic effects. For example, Kashlinsky and Atrio-Barandela dark flow  measured  by Kinematic Sunyaev-Zeldovic effect (KSZ)

Space Galaxy Planet - Free image on Pixabay


It is very, very difficult to measure the depth of the furthest galaxies in the universe. When we look at it from a distance, one of the two galaxies lying side by side may be 1 billion light years behind the other.

In other words, if we are to explain more clearly with an example, the galaxies stubbornly want to go to the left, but an unknown force was directing them to the right … The persistent sending of galaxies in one direction caused a surprise … This was the first time this phenomenon was observed, Alexander Kashlnisky and his team named this interesting event Dark Flow Theory. According to the cosmic inflation theory, space was constantly expanding due to dark energy, but according to this new theory, it was almost flowing in one direction. 
The report presented by the scientist said that an unknown and invisible power directs all galaxies … 
Actually, we know the name of this power, if you guess, please write to the comments. … 

Later, other scientists examined the dark flow theory and obtained the same result. In 2013, the spacecraft Planck of the European Space Research Agency ESA was commissioned to do research on this issue. And he reached an interesting conclusion … 

comet_00441684 - Kozan Demircan


The Dark Flow Theory was correct, and all galaxies were mysteriously being pushed in one direction by an unknown force. Who or what could insistently send these galaxies in one direction, with tens, hundreds, and perhaps thousands of stars, dust and gas clouds in them? 

In fact, Alexander Kashlnisky was in charge of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center … Again, some NASA scientists were attracting galaxies to another universe outside of the observable universe … In fact, it was called the multiverse theory … However, the multiverse theory is certain. could not be proven as … 

Moreover, galaxies outside the universe are moving away from us faster than light; because space is expanding faster than light. Since gravity spreads at the speed of light, how can another universe attract us like a magnet? According to another theory, there was actually an unobservable black hole and it was so large that this black hole was attracting all observable galaxies towards itself … Their explanation was interesting, they closed the subject by saying that the Planck spacecraft made the wrong measurement … 

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In 2015, the scientist Kashlinsky expanded his research and reappeared with the evidence in folders and presented all the evidence … 

Many space agencies, especially NASA, did not fully accept the subject. According to them, there must have been a reason before the laws of physics and there could be no such thing as an unknown force. 

This unknown power was discovered according to the numerous reports presented by Kashlinsky and was based on scientific evidence.

However, only the source was unknown and the power was not seen… The numerous reports prepared by the team were never denied and accepted. Its name remained the dark flow theory. 

In our opinion, the only force that rules all galaxies and directs them to one direction, as stated in verses 38 and 40 of Surah Yasin, is not the Dark Flow theory, but God. 

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