A group of researchers working on the Human Genome Project state that they have made a surprising scientific discovery: They believe that 97% of the uncoded sequences in human DNA are no less than the genetic codes of extraterrestrial life forms.

Uncoded sequences are common to all living organisms on Earth, from molds to fish to humans. “In human DNA, they make up the larger part of the total genome,” said group leader Prof. Sam Chang. Uncoded sequences, originally known as “junk DNA”, were discovered years ago and their functions remain a mystery. The staggering majority of human DNA has its origins in “extraterrestrial”. Apparently “extraterrestrial junk genes” only “enjoy the ride” with hard working active genes passed down from generation to generation.
After extensive analysis with the help of other scientists, computer programmers, mathematicians, and other knowledgeable scholars, Professor Chang wondered if visible “junk Human DNA” was created by some kind of “extraterrestrial programmer.” Professor Chang observes that the foreign parts in Human DNA “have their own veins, arteries, and our own immune system that strongly resists all of our anti – cancer pills.”

Working evenings and weekends, Lipshutz was able to show that non-coded sequences are not garbage at all, but carry information. Combining the huge database of the Human Genome Project with thousands of data files developed by geneticists all over the world, he calculated the Kolmogorov entropy of uncoded sequences and compared it with the entropy of regular, active genes.

Presented by the famous Russian mathematician half a century ago, Kolmogorov entropy has been successfully used to determine the level of randomness in a variety of sequences, from noise time sequences in radio lamps to the arrangement of letters in 19th century Russian poems. In general, the technique allows researchers to compare the various sequences quantitatively and infer which one contains more information than the other. “Surprisingly, the entropy of coded and uncoded DNA sequences was not different,” continues Lipshutz. “Both had noise / noise, but they were not garbage at all. If the market data were that organized, I was already retired ”.

While trying to understand the sources and meaning of junk DNA, Prof. Chang realized that he first needed a definition of “garbage / scrap”. Is junk DNA really junk (useless and meaningless), or does it contain some information that is not owned by the rest of the DNA for whatever reason? A young Wall Street derivative security expert, Dr. He told Lipshutz. “It’s easy,” replied Lipshutz. “With the software I use to analyze market data, we run the show and see if the series are completely garbage or have messages in them.” With a strong background in mathematics, physics, and statistics, this new generation analyst is becoming more and more popular in Wall Street firms.

After a year of collaboration with Lipshutz, Chang came to the conclusion that junk DNA is also classified information. But how could one understand what information has never been used for? With active sequences, you try to observe cells and see what proteins are made using the information. This doesn’t work in dormant genes. There are experiments to test a hypothesis: the power of this thought must be trusted. Since there are letters, some ancient languages, perhaps Sumerian, Egyptian, Hebrew, etc., should be tested. Prof. Sam Chang sought help from experts in this field, but none of them found a solution. There were no cultural clues, no references to other known languages, too foreign to linguists.

“I asked myself: who else can decipher a secret message?” Chang continues. “Without a doubt, a cryptologist! Additionally, I started talking to researchers at the National Security Agency. It took them a few months to answer my call. Finally, a young man was assigned to answer my questions. He listened, asked me to write down my questions, answered a few months later, his message was polite, but “Go to hell with your crazy ideas. We are not a serious agency, we are very busy. ” It meant.

I started meeting with computer security consultants. They were genuinely interested, a few of them even started working on my project, but after a month their enthusiasm faded. Finally, Prof. Chang was a talented cryptologist in the former Soviet Armenian republic, Dr. Adnan Mussaelian applied. Dr. Adnan was trying to live with $ 15 per month. This research was his chance and he started working hard.

Adnan endorsed Lipshutz’s previous work. Entropy showed tons of information, it wasn’t a very powerful cryptographic system, it didn’t seem to be a formidable problem. Adnan started applying different cryptoanalysis and similar standard cryptographic techniques.
In the second month of the project, he noticed that all uncoded sequences usually precede a single short DNA sequence. Usually junk DNA was followed by a very similar sequence. These parts, known to biologists as alu (artithmetic logic unit), were in the entire human genome. As the uncoded, junk sequences themselves, alu is one of the most common of all genes.

Adnan, who is trained as a cryptographer and computer programmer and has no microbiology knowledge, approached the genetic code as a computer code. Dealing with 0,1,2,3 (four bases of the genetic code) instead of the binary codes 0 and 1 was sort of a nuisance, but he had analyzed and deciphered computer code all his life. It was in familiar waters. The most common symbol in the code that caused inertia was followed by a sleeping chunk of code. What is this? By simply playing with analogy, Adnan captured the source code of one of the programs and entered it into a program that calculates statistics for symbols and short sequences, a tool commonly used to decipher messages. What was the most common symbol? Undoubtedly, “/” was the symbol of interpretation! He took a Pascal code and it was {and}! Of course, the code between the two slashes in C could never be implemented; it was not the code, it was the interpretation of the code!

Unable to resist the temptation of playing further with analogy, Adnan began comparing the statistical distributions of the comments in the computer and the genetic code. It had to be a striking difference. This should show up in statistics. Statistically, however, junk DNA was not much different from active, coded sequences. To be sure, Adnan entered a program into the analyzer: surprisingly, the statistics of the code and the comments were pretty much the same. He looked at the source code and understood why: there were very few comments between slashes, the author of the codes had decided to extract the most C code from execution, a common practice among programmers.
Adnan, who was prone to religion, was thinking of the divine hand – but after analyzing the spaghetti code within the series, he was convinced that it was not God who wrote the little code. He was not very well organized, rather a sloppy / careless programmer who wrote the active, small coded portion of the human genetic code. It was like someone from Microsoft, but at the time when the human genetic code was written, there was no Microsoft in the world.

In the world? It was as if a light had come on… Was the genetic code of all life on Earth written by an extraterrestrial programmer, then dropped here somehow for operation / practice? This idea was crazy and scary, and Adnan resisted it for days. Then he decided to continue. If the uncoded sequences are parts of the program that have been discarded or abandoned by the author, there is a way for them to work. All that needs to be done is to remove the comment symbols and if the partition between the / * …… * / symbols is a meaningful routine, it can be compiled and manipulated! Following this line of thought, Adnan only selected uncoded sequences that have exactly the same symbol frequency distribution as active genes. He selected 200 uncoded sequences that were most similar to real genes, extracted / *, //, and so on, and after a few days of hesitation,
Chang did not respond for two weeks. “I thought I was fired,” admits Dr. Mussaelian “With his silence every day, I realized more and more how crazy my idea was. Chang should have concluded that I was schizophrenic and had finished the contract. Chang finally replied and didn’t fire me. He didn’t believe my extraterrestrial theory, but agreed to try to get my series running. “
Biologists have tried to explain the scrap series for years, they have not succeeded. Sometimes nothing was happening; sometimes it would be scrap again. This was not surprising. Take a randomly chosen portion of a extracted computer code and try to compile it. Possibly it will fail. Or, it produces strange results. Analyze the code carefully, extract the entire function from the comments, you can make it work Due to careful statistical analysis of 4 out of 200 series Mussaelian selected, he began the study, producing tiny amounts of a chemical compound.

“I was anxiously waiting for Chang’s response,” says Dr. Mussaelian “Would it be more or less a normal protein or something extraordinary?” The answer was shocking: it was a substance known to be produced by many types of blood cancers in humans and animals. Surprisingly, three other sequences also produced cancer-related chemicals. It no longer looked like a coincidence. When someone awakens a viable dormant gene, it produces proteins associated with cancer. Researchers began investigating the Human Genome Project for four genes they isolated from scrap DNA. Finally, three of the four were found there, listed as active, non-junk genes. This was not a big surprise: because cancer tissues produce protein, somewhere in the gene there must be a place that encodes it! The surprise came next: Your code is active in the gene being questioned, the non-scrap part (the researchers called it “jhlg1” for the scrap human blood cancer gene) did not precede the alu sequence, ie the symbol / * was missing. However, the shutdown symbol / at the end of the “jhlg1” was there. This explained why “jhlg1 is not expressed deeply in junk DNA, but works well in the normal, active part of the genome.” Who wrote the basic genetic code for humans took out part of the larger code by including it in / *… * /, but omitted part of the opening / * symbol. Its compiler also seemed to be garbage: even a good Microsoft Microsoft compiler in the world would refuse to compile such a program. “He explained why jhlg1 is not expressed deep in junk DNA, but works well in the normal, active part of the genome. Who wrote the basic genetic code for humans took out part of the larger code by including it in / *… * /, but omitted part of the opening / * symbol. Its compiler also seemed to be garbage: even a good Microsoft Microsoft compiler in the world would refuse to compile such a program. “He explained why jhlg1 is not expressed deep in junk DNA, but works well in the normal, active part of the genome. Who wrote the basic genetic code for humans took out part of the larger code by including it in / *… * /, but omitted part of the opening / * symbol. Its compiler also seemed to be garbage: even a good Microsoft Microsoft compiler in the world would refuse to compile such a program.

Prof. Sam Chang began researching genes associated with various cancers and discovered that in almost all samples, those genes were followed by the alu sequence (e.g. protein as comment closure symbol * /) but never before the comment opening / * gene! This explains why diseases result in cell damage and cell death, while cancers manage cell reproduction and growth. Because only a small number of parts of the large code are expressed, they never lead to consistent growth. What we get with cancer is the expression of several genes that are foreign to humans, and symbiosis (symbiosis) with some genes of bacterial parasites that cause illogical, strange and seemingly meaningless masses of living cells. The heaps have their own veins, arteries, their own immune system that resists all anti – cancer pills.

“Our assumption is that a higher extraterrestrial lifeform is busy creating new life and sowing that life on various planets,” says Professor Chang. Earth is just one of these planets. Maybe, after programming, our creators grow us like we grow bacteria in Petri dishes. We cannot know their motives – is it a scientific experiment, a way of preparing new planets to colonize, or the job / task of inseminating longevity in the universe?
“If we think of it in human terms, visible” extraterrestrial programmers “are probably working on” one big code “consisting of many projects, and the projects must have produced various life forms on various planets,” says Professor Chang. They are also trying various solutions. They wrote the “big code”, implemented it, did not like some of its functions, changed them or added new ones, applied them again, developed more, tried again and again. “

Professor Chang’s research team concludes that “visible” extraterrestrial programmers may have been ordered when they concentrate on the “Earth project” to stop all their idealistic plans for the future in order to meet the deadline. Very likely, in a visible haste, “extraterrestrial programmers” may have made reductions in the great code and delivered the basic program intended for the Earth. ” However, they weren’t (maybe) sure what functions of the big code would be required later on at the time, so they left it all there. Instead of cleaning the basic program by deleting all lines of the big code, they turned them into comments and hastily forgot a few / * symbols in the comments here and there; so they offered people the unreasonable growth of the cell masses we know as cancer. “

The problem has three options. Either delete all the / * symbols and comments and in this way clear the base code or add the missing * / and avoid unreasonably confusing the base code with the big code. Alternatively, in the third option, remove all the / symbols and run the base code as a complete program with large code. Unfortunately, we are not capable of any of these options. If we could insert genes into the chromosomes of a living person, our innovative discovery would mean instantly treating all future cancer cases, at least from the programmer point of view. Theoretically, we could do this in the lab, but we don’t have the practical tools to instill repaired DNA into a living subject. The mystery of “junk DNA” and cancer seems to be solved, but no quick cure should be expected. The best we can do now is to try to feed a new, cancer-free generation of people with a basic genetic code that will gradually become defective. This takes a long time. There is no hope on the horizon for us and our children.
“However, from the programmer’s point of view, there is also a positive result in this. What we see in our DNA is a program made up of two versions, the big code and the base code. ” Mr. Chang later said, “The first truth is that the complete ‘program’ is not definitely written on Earth; this is now a confirmed fact. The second fact is that genes themselves are not sufficient to explain evolution; “There has to be something more in the game,” he confirms. We don’t know what it is or where it is. The creator of a new work, whether it’s a composer, engineer, or programmer from real Mars or Microsoft, doesn’t leave the work without the option to improve or update it. The cleverness here is that the update is preloaded – nothing more than a stealthy and dormant update of our “junk DNA” base code! We have known for some time that some cosmic rays have the power to modify DNA. With this in mind, a reasonable solution can be obtained. Extraterrestrial programmers can use the right energy from anywhere in the Universe that instructs the underlying code to remove all the / *… * / symbols, fuse itself with the big code (Junk DNA), and run all of our DNA. This changes us forever, some of us in a few months, some of us in future generations. The change may not be very physical (no more cancer, disease, and short life), but it throws us intellectually. Suddenly, we are in the time compared to the coexistence of Neanderthals and Cromagnons. The old is replaced by giving birth to the new cycle. The whole program is elegant for a highly advanced biological computer connected with the timeless energy and wisdom of the Universe, it is very smart self-organizing, auto-performing, auto-enhancing and auto-correcting software. The software within us holds the potential of either a short and sickly life or a super-intelligent super being with a long and healthy life. This triggers surprising questions – was the reduction of the underlying code done by reckless programmers in a hurry, or was the unauthorized act of large code a deliberate act that could be canceled by “remote control” at will? “

Professor Chang is just one of the other researchers to discover extraterrestrial resources in humanity. Professor Chang and his colleagues show that the apparent “extraterrestrial programming” deficiencies in DNA, caused by the rush to create human life on Earth, offer humanity the irrational growth of cell masses we know as cancer.
“Sooner or later,” says Professor Chang, “We will have to seriously deal with the incredible idea that every life on Earth carries the genetic code of these extraterrestrial cousins ​​and evolution is not what we think.”
Hidden meanings of the Human Genome Project Discovery are associated with “Human-like Extraterrestrials”
The implications of these scientific discoveries would support the claims of other scientists and observers who had contact with human-looking extraterrestrials “outside of the world.”

It was alleged that “extraterrestrial” human-like extraterrestrials provided genetic material for human evolution, and that most of these extraterrestrials allowed their staff to incarnate as ‘star seeds’ in human Earth families. These “star seeds”, “stellar children” or “star people” are by Brad and Francie Steiger, whose ‘souls’ formally incarnated in the worlds of other star systems and then travel to Earth and incarnate on Earth to “boost / support” the spiritual evolutionary development of humanity. defined as individuals who make decisions. The majority of mankind includes this group of extraterrestrials, George Adamski, Orfeo Angelucci, George Van Tassell, Howard Menger, Paul Villa, He thinks of it as ‘benevolent’ as defined by ‘those who come into contact with extraterrestrials’ such as Billy Meier and Alex Collier. These contact persons often present physical evidence of their contact with extraterrestrial races through photographs, films and / or witnesses. The most extensively documented and researched contact person is Eduard ‘Billy’ Meier, who provides a lot of physical evidence for his researchers.

Depictions of ‘ancient astronauts’
To tell the truth, ‘ancient astronaut’ authors believe that in the distant past the race of intelligent extraterrestrials visited and / or colonized the Earth, where they developed the primitive hominid Homo erectus through genetic engineering to create the human race we know as Homo sapiens. .
The proof of this idea; (a) In the improbability of Homo sapiens emerging so suddenly, according to the principles of Orthodox Darwinism; and (b) in the myths of ancient civilizations that describe the human-like gods who descended from the heavens and created man “in their own image.” Homo sapiens are viewed as a hybrid entity composed of a mixture of the earthly genes of Homo erectus and extraterrestrial genes from the “race of gods”.

Before the modern age of space travel and genetics, this theory for the origin of humanity was unimaginable. And even now in the 21st century, there are a lot of people looking at it as science fiction. But in light of the problems in the Orthodox theory of human evolution, the idea of ​​genetic intervention of an intelligent human-like species (who themselves evolved on another planet in a more credible time frame) requires serious consideration as a potential solution to the mystery.

The most famous proponents of the ancient astronaut intervention are the Swiss writer Erich von Daniken and the American writer Zecharia Sitchin.

In particular, Sitchin discussed the situation in great detail.
Statement by academics from the “exopolitical” groups
Dr. Michael E. Salla is one of the founders of the Exopolitical movement that seeks an open and informed dialogue with and on extraterrestrial beings for affirmation of humanity’s quality of life and “global democracy” as socially responsible beings in the Universe. Dr. “There are currently a large number of extraterrestrial races [by various research institutes and agencies] known to be in mutual contact with the Earth and the human population,” says Salla.

Dr. Salla is also the author of ‘Exopolitics: The Political Interventions of Extraterrestrial Presence’. He held full-time academic positions at the Australian National University and the American University in Washington DC. He has a Ph.D from the University of Queensland, Australia. During his professional academic career, he was recognized for a series of citizen diplomacy initiatives for the East Timor conflict, funded by the US Peace Institute and Ford Foundation. He is also the founder of the Exopolitics Institute; and Chief Editor of ‘Exopolitics Magazine’ and participant in ‘Extraterrestrials and World Peace Conference’.

At a meeting in 1998, he revealed that there are various kinds of extraterrestrial races known to the retired US army sergeant Clifford Stone [various institutes and agencies], who had served the US military for 22 years and participated in operations to seize the downed extraterrestrial ships and extraterrestrial biological assets. Dr. Salla elaborates, saying, “The most compelling testimonies on different extraterrestrial races come from people like Sergeant Stone, and also from those who have direct physical contact with and communicate with extraterrestrials.”
Dr. Salla notes that Sergeant Major Bob Dean has had twenty-seven years of outstanding career in the most senior fields of the military; “They look so much like us that when you sit next to you on a plane or in a restaurant, you can never tell the difference,” says a group of known extraterrestrials.

Obviously, “As Dean and others describe, humanoid extraterrestrial races can easily integrate into human society and are indistinguishable from other humans.” adds Dr. Shake it

Various species of extraterrestrial races provided genetic material for ‘human experimentation’, according to Alex Collier, who claimed to be a “contactman”. “Earth humans are the product of extraterrestrial genetic manipulation, and these extraterrestrials own a large gene pool of memory banks from many different races – at least 22 different races.

The efforts of human ETs to develop the unity of humanity through religious spirituality
Alex Collier argues that “Human ETs strive to enable global humanity to evolve responsibly, endangering both itself and the larger galactic community of which it is a part.” The exopolitical group and independent contacts also state that “Human ETs want to raise human consciousness and promote the unity of religions.”

Claiming to have contact with ETs, Alex Collier argues that fundamentalist messages from Christianity, Judaism, Islam and other institutionalized religions, as well as ‘cult’ groups, were specially placed by ‘hostile elements’ to manipulate and control humanity.

Jesus, whom many groups claimed to be “Human ET”, tried to inspire and awaken the social consciousness of humanity towards unity, not to create the “Christian religion”.

The ETs who have contacted Alex Collier also state that Jesus actually lived and spent the rest of his life in Massada; and Jesus was crucified only by religious doctrine.

With regard to the “savior scenario,” for example, they told Alex Collier that it was put into our belief systems by the ETs to “weaken us”. The savior scenarios in the dogma of institutionalized religions legalize the creation of an elite-driven overwhelming power structure that designates themselves as “judges of morality.” These religious elites have historically used their self-appointed roles to implement a comprehensive system of social control that complements their greed-oriented self-enhancement common business with other elites, from government to business enterprises.

The efforts of the “capitalists” have undermined the efforts of socially progressive Humanoid ETs to inspire acceptance of the quality of life of the ‘People of the World’ through spiritual and other ‘agents’.

Humanoid ETs “strive to help liberate humanity from oppressive structures through education and the rise of consciousness.”

The claims of “Humanoid ET” encounters in the world
. In Salla’s article “Among Us Extraterrestrials,” published in October 2006, there is surprising evidence that ” anthropomorphic ” extraterrestrial visitors from a number of independent sources have integrated with us and have recently lived in large populated centers and this is known to some institutes. .

Along with testimonies like Sergeant Major Robert Dean, a number of private figures claim to have encountered extraterrestrials who settled like ordinary citizens in major cities on the planet.

George Adamski was the first to mention extraterrestrials living secretly among the human population. In his second book, “Inside the Flying Saucers”, in which he describes his experiences of encountering extraterrestrials, Adamski describes how human-like extraterrestrials settled in the human population. “They look very much like us”, Dr. “They can get jobs, have neighbors, drive cars, and easily blend into the human population,” notes Salla.

Dr. “Adamski wrote about how they contacted him to arrange meetings that took him to his famous flight in extraterrestrial vehicles,” says Salla. Dr. Salla explains, “As the debate continues over Adamski’s contact experiences and credibility, it has been concluded that Adamski’s UFO encounters are not hoaxes, supported by an impressive number of witnesses, photos, and movies.

Dr. Adding, Salla says, “Adamski’s testimony provides important insights into how extraterrestrials can live among the human population in disguise.” After discussing the Adamski case and the strongest evidence supporting it, Dr. In her article, Salla discusses other contactors who claim to have encountered extraterrestrials who pretend to be ordinary citizens. Finally, Dr. Salla examines official testimonies of extraterrestrials living among ordinary Earth-bound individuals

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