Greetings to all, many times in our lives we have heard the stories of things, places or persons believed to be cursed. So, have you heard of Buddha’s diamond, believed to be cursed? 

In this video, we wanted to share with you the story of the cursed Buddha diamond, which also attracted our attention; Let’s look at the details of this story now;


The dates indicated May 10, 1610, as usual, the Temple opened its doors to tourists from outside and visits began. Inside the temple was a giant Buddha statue and on his chest was a diamond almost the size of a human hand and it was a real diamond. 

One of those who visited the temple was a French jeweler… As soon as he entered, the diamond that scattered the light reflected on it and attracted attention. This diamond excited the French jeweler quite a lot. He said, “This is the first time I’ve seen such a big diamond.” 

Taking advantage of the crowd, he approached the statue and examined it closely and put it on his head, he was going to steal the apple … “An incredibly rare piece, it is useless for humanity to stop here,” he said to himself, his friend with him opposed this idea. 

The visiting hour was approaching the end, the temple was slowly emptying, and even though his friend told them they should go, he did not want to leave, he said, ‘You get out, I’ll take another tour and come. His friend came out, but the jeweler did not come out. While closing the temple doors, his friend rushed to the person who was the temple attendant and even though he said that there is a friend inside, he has not left yet, the temple attendant saw that everyone was out and there was no one inside. The next day, he went to the jeweler’s shop, wondering about his friend, but he was not there. 

He was curious and went back a few days later, this time he was in his shop, and when he asked why he was lost, he said that he went to the sink in the temple, they closed it on it, but that he could only leave the next day. 

He looked at his face, got angry and got angry and shot his theft on his face saying “I can’t believe you did this, I am ashamed of you”… But the French jeweler hard-boiled is the real injustice to just stand there, it’s useless ”he defended himself. 

His friend returned to the temple this time, wandered inside and approached one of the Buddha priests and asked, “I saw a diamond on the statue’s chest when I came before, now it does not exist.” it gives bad luck ”he said.

But it was quite calm. When he asked why, he walked away saying “don’t worry, son, sooner or later he will return to where he belongs.” And the mystery started from then on. One month after the French jeweler steals the diamond, my hand lost his son in a traffic accident … 

Immediately after, he left his wife who complained about him because of his money ambition. About three months later, he gifted the diamond to the French king, Louise, the fourteenth, for the sake of office and position. 

The king liked the diamond very much, he asked the French jeweler to take over the gold mine business… The French jeweler died a few months later as a result of a brain trauma when one of the wagons used to mine the mine was hit while inspecting the gold mine. 

When the king bought the diamond, he gave it to the private jeweler of the palace to be crowned him. However, the daughter of the old palace jeweler committed suicide on the same night without any reason… After a few days, the man who could not bear the sudden death of his daughter was paralyzed and he was unable to use his neck. King Louis formed the jewelers’ delegation and finally got his crown made. 

However, in the jewelers’ delegation, four jewelers who mounted the diamond on the crown had various accidents for various reasons. Louse, who wore the diamond on her head, almost dragged her country into a quagmire and lost her power. He lost his power and the new king passed to the fifteenth louies … But the new king contracted smallpox and died suddenly … 

This time the new king wore the crown on his head. However, the king fell in love with a woman named Marie and gave the diamond to this woman … After a while, the woman was caught in the raids of the French revolutionaries and was beheaded by a guillotine … Whoever held this diamond was causing her disasters … 

Then for a very long time the diamond disappeared and it was not known who owned it. Later, a banker living in London bought this diamond from an old man with a tangled beard… He gave Diamond his last name and named it “Hope Diamond”. 

The new name of the Buddha diamond became the stone of hope… Later, he too died suddenly. His family sold the stone to a man named billionaire Mclean. This billionaire had a small child and was an only son… He had hired special bodyguards and nannies for his son and he never took him out… However, one day, the boy jumped out of the house during a drowsiness and was trampled under a horse carriage passing through the street and lost his life… 

It is claimed that the billionaire who could not bear the death of his child later committed suicide… Finally, it was heard but not confirmed that the cursed Buddha diamond was in the Rockefeller museum in Israel… It is not known exactly where it is… 


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